Social Media

Get started on Social Media

Set up

We can help you set up any social media accounts that you need, and run though how to use them


We can connect your new website with your social media accounts. Allowing you to easily sync up your new blog entries or posts you write with all your accounts. This will inform your followers as soon as you publish your content


Even after your website is complete, we will still be just a phone call away to help with any technical problems or any quick questions you might have

Social Media Training

Although we can’t write the content for you (you are the one with the knowhow of your industry that people want to hear) we can provide training to help you start out. We have obtained a vast amount of knowledge on a range of social media platforms and teach you how to utilize them and write engaging content.

Why social media for my business?

  • Increase exposure for you brand
  • Public interactions and review
  • Bulid trust with customers
  • Personalised marketing messages
  • Customer focused
  • Online word of mouth
  • Cheap!

Which Social Media?


As the quintessential social media, Facebook has the biggest user base. Therefore has a wealth of users and businesses to connect with, to spread your business messages. We can help to set you up on the platform and teach you the ins and outs of the website.


The biggest video shareing website on the internet, YouTube has become more than just a hub for cat videos. YouTube can be a great tool for business and we can show you how. Online video is a strong format to communicate with your customers and show off your band and products.


Customer service departments have become increasing reliant on Twitter. It allows customers and simple, informal way to communicate with companies, and being active on the platform allows you to manage public relations while sharing engaging content.


As a business focused social network, LinkedIn is becoming essential for all companies. Giving you a platform to communicate with other businesses and professionals and market your brand. We can teach you the skills and techniques to utilize this and build your business from this platform.