Search Engine Optimisation

With most traffic driven to websites through search engines, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the cornerstone of visibility on the web. We strive to meet the best practices in this area to make your website rise on search engines.

Smart Content

In recent years SEO has become more difficult, moving away from simply spamming key words adding lots of links. Google is now focusing more on quality, relevance and user experience. As search engines have become more intelligent, they know when a website is trying to just appease them, and not necessarily their users.

We can help give you the knowledge and advice to create optimal web content for your new website. As a result, increasing your website visibility online.

Clear Structure

Search engines know when a website is ‘messy’ and we strive to keep the site map of the website clean and simple. Therefore helping the search engines find your content and recommend it to their users.

Attention to Detail

There are many little details that search engines look for which might not be visible or even noticed by the user but aid to a better user experience and giving you better SEO. These little details include the descriptions and alternative text for images, informative link text and user-friendly URLs.

Mobile Friendly

Search engines want to give the best experience to there users, even from the websites they link to. A big factor in this is the responsiveness or how mobile friendly thoes website are. With increasing number of web traffic driven through mobile phones and tablets, we make sure your website is displayed well across all platforms.

Quick Loading

We make sure that your website loads quick, by running it off a fast and reliable host. We also design the site so it is not bogged down by large over-sized images and slow code is vital for SEO.

Blogging and Social Media

Search engines love new content, and websites which are constantly adding new information, that’s why we push using blogs. By using WordPress allows us to give you simple tools to create new blog posts as much as you like. Our systems have the ability to link these posts across social media automatically. Not only to boost your SEO with new content but easily manage social media too!